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To provide houses, apartments and condominium units based on the requirements and specifications of the clients.

Gives assistance in negotiating fair rental rate in behalf of the client

Provide continuous service to the Tenant.

Available English speaking staff.

Helps familiarize the client to the nearest available transportation services, supermarkets, hospitals, parks and schools.

House, Apartment and Condominium maintenance services.

Ensures a comfortable and convenient stay of the tenants.

Provided housekeeping/cleaning and babysitting services.

Assistance to register local sim card.

Assistance in opening bank account.

Assists in providing English speaking, reliable and trustworthy taxi driver.

Assists in providing repairmen such as plumbers, technicians, carpenters and gardeners.

Assists in booking flight and travel arrangements such as airline and hotel accommodations.

Assists to rent-a-car.

Assists in acquiring telephone line connection.

Assists in acquiring an internet and cable connection.

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